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Having children makes you step back and think about what the future will hold. For us they were our inspiration to start our brand towards sustainable living. What better motivation than creating a beautiful future for the little ones we have created! 

We are here to help make life simple, practical and less complicated because everything is already hectic enough. We are passionate about creating a better world and looking after the one we have by reducing and hopefully eliminating single use plastics. 

Ohjoyloves was derived from wanting to created a more sustainable future by hopefully eliminating one of the most used plastic wastes: the disposable coffee cup! In Australia alone 1 Billion disposable cups go in land fill as the are difficult to recycle do to the mix of plastic and paper that makes them water proof. 

Now we wanted to take this product one step further and make it more practical for everyday use. The thought of lugging around travel cups for yourself, children and partners can feel a little daunting. After all who wants to carry around a clucky cup or two with everything else we need to take with us these days. So this idea from which OhJoyLoves collapsible cup evolved. A cup that is practical, collapses small enough to fit in your pocket or bag for transportation and of course stylish. 

We want to show the population that sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult. As these cups are created for the busy lives we live and the need for coffee on the go. 

So if you are new to starting the path towards sustainable living a reusable coffee cup is a great place to start.

Let’s be an example.

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