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Here at OHJOYLOVES we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet however we can. 

One of those ways is by reducing the amount of plastic we use through the process of receiving and sending orders.

We request suppliers do not send our stock in individually wrapped plastic. Your products are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard boxes that contain no plastic windows, plastic tapes or glues.   

Aside from reducing the plastic within our product packaging your orders will be sent out in home compostable mailer bags. YES, Compostable how fantastic is that!? We use home compostable mailer bags from 'The Better Packaging Co.' and 'noissue' 

So once you have received and opened your parcel place you mailer bag in your compost and watch it disappear over a few weeks. The packaging can also be reused, just cut across the dotted line and there you go you have yourself a new mailer bag. 


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